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  • Book

  • The math problems notebook (with Valentin Boju),
       Birkhauser Boston, 236 p., 2007.
  • Errata (pdf)

  • Online lectures (graduate courses, surveys)

  • Introduction to quantum invariants of knots,
       Graduate course 1998-1999, Institut Fourier, 59p. (ps) (pdf)
  • On knots having the same invariants up to a certain degree,
       notes for the Summer School " Invariants de noeuds et de varietes de dimension 3", Institut Fourier 1999, 5p., Jul 1999. (pdf)
  • Lectures on Fuchsian groups and their moduli,
       notes for the Summer School "Geometries a courbure negative ou nulle, groupes discrets et rigidites", Institut Fourier 2004, 34p., Aug 2004. (pdf)
  • Cohomological representations of automorphisms groups, 8p., 2017. (pdf)

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