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Numbers as functions

Yuri Manin
Date et horaire: 
Jeudi, 4 Juillet, 2013 - 18:30
Amphithéâtre Louis Weil (campus de Saint-Martin d'Hères)


Conférence grand public de Yuri Manin

The analogies between numbers and functions of one variable were known long ago: integers share common properties with polynomials over rational numbers or over finite fields; p-adic numbers are similar to formal series.

During the last two decades, such analogies have been developed and became background of two fascinating new chapters of algebra/number theory: Alexandru Buium's "Arithmetic Differential Equations" and a collective endeavor "Algebraic Geometry Over a Field of Characteristic One".

In the talk, I will present motivations, examples and some basic constructions of both theories, stressing their interrelations.

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