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Léonie Canet

Time dependence of correlation functions in homogeneous and isotropic turbulence
Lundi, 15 Janvier, 2018 - 13:30
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Turbulence is an ubiquitous phenomenon in fluid flows. Yet, calculating its statistical properties, and in particular what is generically called intermittency effects, remains an open issue. I will focus on isotropic and homogeneous fully developed turbulence in three-dimensional incompressible flows. I will present some exact asymptotic (i.e. in the limit of large wave-numbers) results on the time dependence of generic correlation functions in the stationary turbulent state. These results are obtained starting from the continuous description of the fluid dynamics provided by Navier-Stokes equation, and using a field-theoretical approach, based on the Functional Renormalisation Group. I will also compare these results to numerical simulations and experiments.

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Physique mathématique
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Salle 1, tour IRMA
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