100, rue des maths 38610 Gières / GPS : 45.193055, 5.772076 / Directeur : Louis Funar

Julie Binard

Landscape evolution and pattern formation
Jeudi, 12 Janvier, 2023 - 17:00
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In this talk I will present a model of landscape evolution, under the effects of erosion by water flow, and sedimentation. This model is a system composed by three evolution equations on the elevation of the ground surface, the fluid height, and the concentration of sediment in the fluid layer. 
Then, we will focus on pattern formation over an erodible plane. These patterns, which are rills and gullies, are the starting point of the formation of rivers and valleys in landscapes. This pattern formation is studied by a stability analysis of the system around stationary solutions. Finally, I will illustrate these results with numerical simulations of the model.

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