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Alice Contat

Parking sur des arbres de Cayley & Frozen Erdös--Rényi
Mardi, 29 Novembre, 2022 - 14:00 à 15:00
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Consider a uniform rooted Cayley tree $T_n$ with $n$ vertices and let $m$ cars arrive sequentially, independently, and uniformly on its vertices. Each car tries to park on its arrival node, and if the spot is already occupied, it drives towards the root of the tree and parks as soon as possible. Using combinatorial enumeration, Lackner & Panholzer established a phase transition for this process when $m$ is approximately $n/2$. We couple this model with a variation of the classical Erdös--Rényi random graph process. This enables us to describe completely the phase transition for the size of the components of parked cars using a modification of the standard multiplicative coalescent which we named the frozen multiplicative coalescent. The talk is based on joint work with Nicolas Curien.

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