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Mattia Morbello

The Hilbert 21st problem and its geometric version
星期四, 8 二月, 2024 - 17:0018:00
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From my first analysis course to my M2, I was certain that differential equations were not my cup of tea.
Well, all this time I have been wrong and I will tell you how I learned to love them.
In this talk I will present you (through some particular cases and an important exemple) the 21st Hilbert problem, about complex differential systems of Fuchsian type and their monodromy data, and the history of a century of its (non-)solution. In the end, I will introduce the definition of logarithmic connection on a vector bundle an we will see how it leads to a result even more deep and beautiful than Hilbert 21st. It is the so called Riemann-Hilbert correspondance. 
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IRMAR (Rennes)
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