Claire Amiot

Institut Fourier-UMR 5582
100 rue des maths
38610 Gières

Bureau: 230

Tel. : +33 4 76 63 58 53

Email: claire.amiot [at]
I am Maitre de Conférence at Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes.

Short CV

I am Junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France from september 2021.

I defended my Habilitation (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in June 2021. Here is the manuscript.

I am member of the ANR project CHARMS from december 2019.

From september 2018 to August 2019, I was in sabbatical in Quebec UMI, Sherbrooke University.

From September 2010 to August 2012, I was Maitre de Conférence at IRMA (Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée) in Strasbourg.

From January 2010 to August 2010 I was a post-doc at Hausdorff Center in Bonn (Germany).

From September 2008 to December 2009, I was post-doc at Institutt for matematiske fag NTNU in Trondheim (Norway) within the HoGeMetAlg project.

I did my Ph.D. Sur les petites catégories triangulées (On small triangulated categories, mostly written in english) at Paris 7 University, under the supervision of Professor Bernhard Keller.

You can find here a cv (in french).
Research interests

  • Representation theory of finite dimensional algebras

  • Homological algebra, derived categories, triangulated categories

  • Cluster algebras and cluster categories.


  • Indecomposable objects in the derived category of skew-gentle algebra using orbifold, to appear in the Proceedings of the ICRA 2020.

  • (avec Thomas Brüstle ) Derived equivalences between skew-gentle algebras using orbifolds (Version arxiv)

  • (with Pierre-Guy Plamondon and Sibylle Schroll ) A complete derived invariant for gentle algebras via winding numbers and Arf invariants (Version arxiv)

  • Publications

  • (with Pierre-Guy Plamondon)The cluster category of a surface with punctures via group actions (Version arxiv)to appear in Advances in Mathematics

  • (with Daniel Labardini Fragoso and Pierre-Guy Plamondon) Derived invariants for surface cut algebras II: the punctured case, Communications in Algebra, 49:1, (2021) 114-150 (Version arxiv)

  • The derived category of surface algebras: the case of the torus with one boundary component (2015) Algebras and Representation Theory (2016) (Version arXiv).

  • (with Y. Grimeland) Derived invariants for surface algebras Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 220 (2016) pp. 3133-3155. (Version arXiv).

  • (with S. Oppermann) Higher preprojective algebras and stably Calabi-Yau properties, (2015) Mathematical Research Letters (MRL) Vol. 21.4. (Version arXiv).

  • (with O. Iyama et I. Reiten ) Stable categories of Cohen-Macaulay modules and cluster categories , Amercian Journal of Math. 137 (2015), no 3, 813-857 (Version arXiv).

  • Preprojective Algebras and Calabi-Yau duality (on joint works with O. Iyama, S. Oppermann and I. Reiten), Oberwolfach report 08/2014, 459-463. (Version arXiv).

  • (with S. Oppermann) Cluster equivalence and graded derived equivalence,Documenta Math. 19 (2014) 1155--1206 (Version arXiv).

  • Singularity categories, Preprojective algebras and orthogonal decompositions, Algebras, quivers and representations, 1-11, Abel Symp., 8, Springer, Heidelberg, 2013. (Version arXiv).

  • (with S. Oppermann) Nagoya Mathematical Journal, Volume 211 (2013), pages 1-50 (Version arXiv).

  • (with S. Oppermann) The image of the derived category in the cluster category, International Mathematical Research Notices, Volume 2013, Issue 4, pages 733-760 (Version arXiv).

  • A derived equivalence between cluster equivalent algebras, Journal of Algebra, Volume 351, Issue 1, (2012), pages 107-129 (Version arXiv).

  • (with O. Iyama, I. Reiten and G. Todorov) Preprojective algebras and c-sortable words, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Volume 104 (3) (2012), (Version arXiv).

  • On generalized cluster categories, survey at Series of Congress Reports, Eur. Math. Soc. Representations of Algebras and Related Topics (2011), (Version arXiv).

  • (with I. Reiten and G. Todorov) The ubiquity of generalized cluster categories, Adv. in Math. (2011) (Version arXiv).

  • Cluster categories for algebras of global dimension 2 and quivers with potential. Ann. Inst. Fourier. (2009) (Version arXiv).

  • On the structure of triangulated category with finitely many indecomposables. Bull. Soc. Math. France. (2007) (Version arXiv).

  • Other

  • Short course à Winterbraids VIII, Cluster algebras and categorification.

  • Raconte moi un carquois, Gazette des mathématiciens, january 2018.

  • Appendix in the article Extensions in Jacobian Algebras and Cluster categories of marked surfaces , Advances in Mathematics, 313 (2017) 1-49.