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Reinventing rational points

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Levent Alpoge () :
Arithmetic Statistics
Yuri Bilu (3/6-14/6) :
Effective André-Oort
Tim Browning (11/6-21/6) :
Rational points via the circle method
François Charles (27/5-7/6) :
Basic Arakelov geometry and geometry of numbers
Sara Checcoli (11/6-21/6) :
Small height in big fields: around the properties of Northcott and Bogomolov and Lehmer's conjecture
Yonatan Harpaz (6/5-17/5) :
Rational points on elliptic fibrations (after Swinnerton-Dyer)
Dan Loughran (6/5-17/5) :
Rational points in families of varieties
Bjorn Poonen (1/7-13/7) :
p-adic approaches to rational points on curves
Per Salberger (27/5-7/6) :
Quantitative aspects of rational points on algebraic varieties
Samir Siksek (23/4-3/5) :
Explicit arithmetic of modular curves
Efthymios Sofos (22/4-27/4) :
Probabilistic Diophantine geometry
Felipe Voloch (1/7-12/7) :
Obstructions for rational points on curves