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Reinventing rational points

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Rational points on irrational varieties

Organisers: B. Poonen and A. Skorobogatov


Dan Abramovich :
Resolution in characteristic 0 using weighted blowing up
Anna Cadoret :
Families of abelian varieties with a common isogeny factor
Frédéric Campana :
“Special” manifolds: rational points and entire curves
Yang Cao :
Sous-groupe de Brauer invariant et application
Kęstutis Česnavičius :
Purity for the Brauer group of singular schemes
François Charles :
Affine and mod-affine varieties in arithmetic geometry
Brendan Creutz :
Descent obstructions on constant curves over global function fields
Jordan Ellenberg :
Rational points and fundamental groups
Yonatan Harpaz :
Squares represented by a product of three ternary quadratic forms, and a homogeneous variant of a method of Swinnerton-Dyer
Diego Izquierdo :
Homogeneous spaces, algebraic K-theory and cohomological dimension of fields
Zev Rosengarten :
Tamagawa Numbers of Linear Algebraic Groups over Function Fields
Damian Rössler :
Perfect points on abelian varieties in positive characteristic
Alexander Smith :
\(2^k\)-Selmer groups and Goldfeld's conjecture.
Michael Stoll :
Minimization and reduction of plane curves
Bianca Viray :
Persistance of the Brauer-Manin obstruction under field extension
Isabel Vogt :
Low degree points on curves
Anthony Várilly-Alvarado :
Quasi-hyperbolicity via explicit symmetric differentials
Yuri Zarhin :
Endomorphisms of certain superelliptic jacobians and \(l\)-adic Lie algebras
David Zureick-Brown :
Mazur's program B