The problem of the guarantor

WARNING : The problem of the guarantor

In France when somebody rents an apartment (or any other kind of student housing) to you they will ask you to have a guarantor (you can find informations here) which is a French person that agree to pay at your place any kind of expenses in case you escape (to your country or elsewhere) without paying the rent or damage to the apartment.
It is a very strong demand, and rarely people accept to be guarantor. Typically, French student ask their parents to be.

Also CROUS ask you for a guarantor.

The typical problem is that if you are a foreign student, then you do not know anybody in France. For this reason, there exists a web site HERE that solves exactly this kind of problems. If I understand correctly, they provide you a guarantor (I do not know whether this represent a cost for you). Another possibility is the following site .


Here is the hint of one of our international students : Finding a guarantor is indeed a problem as a student to stay in France. But you can try to get accommodation at Residence Houille Blanche (+33 (0) 4 76 54 56 01, see HERE). They will not ask you for guarantor. Instead of asking for guarantor they ask you to deposit a security money of nearly 600 euro which will be given back to you when you finally leave the residence. I have stayed in that residence during my M2 study. They have plenty of rooms, moreover it is not far from Institute Fourier. If you apply they will ask you first to pay- First month rent + Security deposit of 600 + some additional charges of around 50 euro. Once you pay they book an accommodation for you and give you an attestation which is needed as address proof for your Visa application. Hope it helps.