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Rotationnal : curl

curl takes two arguments : a 3-d vector field depending on 3 variables.
curl returns the rotationnal of the vector, defined by:
curl([A,B,C],[x,y,z])= [$\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial C}}{{\partial y}}}$ - $\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial B}}{{\partial z}}}$$\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial A}}{{\partial z}}}$ - $\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial C}}{{\partial x}}}$$\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial B}}{{\partial x}}}$ - $\displaystyle {\frac{{\partial A}}{{\partial y}}}$]
Note that n must be equal to 3.
Input :
Output :

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