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Division in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$ or in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$[x] : /

/ divides two integers in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$ or two polynomials A and B in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$[x].
For polynomials, the result is the irreducible representant of the fraction $ {\frac{{A}}{{B}}}$ in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$[x].
For integers in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$, input :
5%13/2% 13
Since 2 is invertible in Z/13$ \mathbb {Z}$, we get the output :
For polynomials with coefficients in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$, input :
Output :

giac documentation written by Renée De Graeve and Bernard Parisse