2017-today:Algebra and Geometry Seminar at Grenoble University.

2015-2017:Einstein Stiftung Seminar at Humboldt Universität in Berlin (special session of the Forschungsseminar Algebraische Geometrie).

2013-2014:RéGA seminar (for student network in algebraic geometry) at Henri Poincaré Institut in Paris, intended to PhD students and covering various topics in algebraic geometry.


2019-today: member ofCatag ANR project.

2015-2017: regular visitor atETH in Zürich, in the group ofRahul Pandharipande.

2014-2017: part of the projectSISYPH (for mirror symmetries and irregular singularities from Physics) headed by Claude Sabbah.

Institut Fourier - Université Grenoble Alpes - France