Program of the lectures
  • Stefan Friedl - Virtual fibering for 3-manifolds

    Additional material: Paper Friedl-Kitayama
  • Burak Ozbagci - Topology of symplectic fillings of contact 3-manifolds

    Lecture 1: Generalities on Symplectic/Stein and contact manifolds in arbitrary dimensions
    Lecture 2: Complex dimension 2: Stein surfaces, contact 3-manifolds, Dehn surgery, contact surgery, Legendrian handlebody diagrams
    Lecture 3: Lefschetz fibrations on Stein surfaces and open books
    Lecture 4: Contact 3-manifolds admitting finitely many fillings
    Lecture 5: Contact 3-manifolds admitting infinitely many fillings

    Lectures Notes Cluj

    Additional material: Survey paper Ozbagci Simons Center Lectures Simons Center Video
  • Mustafa Korkmaz - Mapping class groups: presentations, representations and relations with symplectic manifolds

    Additional material:
  • Norbert A'Campo - Singularities, Low-Dimensional Topology and Galois action.

    Additional material: