3 styles of mathematical typesetting

This pages is devoted to show 3 versions of the 2 same pages from a book of H. Cartan typesetted in 3 different manners, each one according to a coherent design. After looking at it, you should email me your opinion.The base font is Utopia Expert, the greek charachters come from Lucida). The samples are in postscript, fonts downloaded as 600dpi bitmaps.
  1. The basic version.
  2. The half/half version. Here, all numbers used in a text context (such as equation numbers, chapter numbers...) are old style (hanging) but they are lining (tabular) in maths.
  3. Theall \oldstyle version ends the contest. Here, there is no `uppercase' digit any more, everything is oldstyle.
I keep the discussions I receive on this theme in this file.

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Le 24 juin 1996,
Thierry Bouche