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Josue Tchouanti

Detection of neural synchronization from a stochastic mean-field model of spiking neural network
Mardi, 6 Février, 2024 - 14:00 à 15:00
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Two neurons are said to be synchronized when their spike trains coincide more than when they are independent. It is commonly accepted that this phenomenon plays a very important role in the neural activity. The construction of statistical tests for its detection has been the subject of much interest in the literature and in particular with the work of Albert et al. (2015, 2016) on asymptotic tests of Bootstrap and permutation. This presentation is in the same vein, and will focus on the construction of a criterion ensuring the detection of synchonization in the case of a non-asymptotic test. This criterion is constructed in such a way as to ensure control of the first and second kind errors. We also apply this criterion to a classical mean-field model (multi-variate Hawkes process) and deduce several informations on how to choose the experimental parameters.

Joint work with: Éva Löcherbach, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret and Étienne Tanré.

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ENS Lyon
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