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Filippo Mazzoli

Volume, entropy, and diameter in SO(p,q+1)-higher Teichmüller spaces
Jeudi, 15 Février, 2024 - 14:00
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The notion of \mathbb{H}^{p,q}-convex cocompact representations was introduced by Danciger, Guéritaud, and Kassel and provides a unifying framework for several interesting classes of discrete subgroups of the orthogonal groups SO(p,q+1), such as convex cocompact hyperbolic manifolds and maximal globally hyperbolic anti-de Sitter spacetimes of negative Euler characteristic. By recent works of Seppi-Smith-Toulisse and Beyrer-Kassel, we now know that any such representation admits a unique invariant maximal spacelike p-dimensional manifold inside the pseudo-Riemannian hyperbolic space \mathbb{H}^{p,q}, and that the space of \mathbb{H}^{p,q}-convex cocompact representations of a group \Gamma consists of a union of connected components of the associated SO(p,q+1)-character variety. 
In this talk, I will describe a recent joint work with Gabriele Viaggi in which we provide various applications for the existence of invariant maximal spacelike submanifolds. These include a rigidity result for the pseudo-Riemannian critical exponent (which answers affirmatively to a question of Glorieux-Monclair), a comparison between entropy and volume, and several compactness and finiteness criteria in this framework.

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Théorie spectrale et géométrie
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