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Homology of infinite loop spaces and other subjects

:: About this blog

As many mathematicians do, I produce tons of scratches, notes, drafts, that will never see the sunlight. Well, probably they don't really deserve tobe on the spotlight, but some contents might be useful to someone. For myself, for example. It happens to me that I came back to a problem yearslater, and tried the same approach that didn't work out the first time... If only I had read the note before.

So one day I made up my mind to put all these notes on a web-site. Unfortunately, I was unable to execute the decision. The task looked unsurmountable. Why? Well, by nature these notes are unorganized, whereas creating a web site requires a minimum amount of organisation.

Then came the days of Web 2.0. Blogs, social networks, etc. They demand lessorganisation. Furthermore, I came across bazinga . An easy to run blog-software. Well,not so easy to install on a machine without root-access, but this is another story. One of bazinga's feature is that one can use the Latex code. So, what am I waitingfor? A new blog is born.

posted by Takuji Kashiwabara on 2014-01-16 16:15