Curriculum vitae:

Scientific career

 Some temporary positions

Some scientific profiles with stats

Selection of some scientific activities and  administration 
  • 1981-1988 Co-director of the   Moduli  project, financed by  ZWO, the Dutch NSF with  3 PhD successful students: Bert Van Geemen, actually Prof. of  Geometry in Milan,  Carel Faber,  Prof. at the University of Utrecht and  Member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW), J. Top,  Prof. at the Univ. Groningen.
  •  1991 Scientific co-organiser of the Summer School  Aspects of Hodge theory.  Nice (other members: A. Beauville, J.  Carlson, C. Simpson, C. Voisin).
  • 1991-1994 Member of the Scientific board of the EC-project Geometry of Algebraic Varieties, a cooperation between the Universities of Leiden, Warwick, Orsay, Erlangen, Bonn-Zürich, Torino, Pisa and Barcelona.  
  • 1995-1998 Member of the Scientific board of the EC-project  Algebraic Geometry in Europe  AGE, a cooperation between the Universities of  Barcelona, Bayreuth, Erlangen,   Hannover, Berlin- Essen, Grenoble, Leiden - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Nijmegen -Geel,  Torino, Warwick - Oxford - Cambridge, Orsay, Pavia, Pisa, Roma and  Zürich.
  • 1995-1998 Scientific responsible for Grenoble for the project Algebraic Geometry in Europe.
  • 1995-1996 President of the scientific committee of the Warwick Symposium  of Algebraic Geometry; co-editor of the Proceedings.
  • 1999-2003 President of the committee which prepared with success the project comprising all the algebraic geometers of the EC:  EAGER.
  • 2001 Co-organiser (together with S.  Müller-Stach, Essen Germany) of the Grenoble summer school  Algebraic cycles: transcendental aspects; co-editor of the proceedings.
  •  2003-2005: organiser of the weekly Grenoble seminar  Géométrie et Analyse Complexe.   
  •  2005--2008: co-organiser (with S. Druel, and later with L. Manivel)  of the  weekly seminar  Algèbre et Géométries  which incorporates the former and the algebra and geometry seminar.
  • 2004 Scientific organiser of the international conference Cycles and Motives, Leiden. Co-editor (with J. Nagel) of the proceedings.   
  • 2005-2006 Scientific responsible for Grenoble for the European project    GIFT (Global Integrability of Field Theories) Contract No 5006 (NEST). Main coordinator: Jacques Calmet, University of  Karlsruhe (TH), Karlsruhe, Allemagne. Other participants :  Karlsruhe, Toulouse, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Grenoble.
  • 2009 Co-organiser of the workshop  Hodge Theory and Motives Dijon.
  • 2009 Scientific organiser  of the summerschool Renormalization, graph polynomials, Hopf algebras and relations with motives,  CIMAT (Guanajuato, Mexique) and  co-organiser  of the workshop Algebraic geometry and algebra related to renormalization following the conference.
  • 2011 Co-organiser of the workshop (with  P. Eyssidieux)  Period Domains and Kähler Groups, Grenoble
  • 2014 Scientific co-organiser of the Summer School Algebraic geometry and number theory Galasataray university, Istanbul
  • 2015 Scientific co-organiser of the memorial conference in honor of A.H.J.M. van de Ven, Leiden

  • Longer visits

    1974/1975 University of Harvard:
    1978 Institute of Advanced Study (Fall-semester)
    1979 Cortona: Summerschool
    1982 Warwick University  (September)
    1983 Nancy Université  (May )
    1983 Pisa University (April )
    1985 Göttingen  SBF (May)
    1985 Bowdoin: Summerinstitute AMS (July)
    1986 Djursholm, Mittag-Leffler Institute (October)
    1989 Zürich ETH (January)
    1989 University of Utah, Salt Lake City (Spring-semester)
    1990 Bonn SFB (May)
    1990 McMaster University, Hamilton Canada (June)
    1993 University of California at Los Angeles (Spring-semester)
    1993 Université Grenoble I, Institute Fourier: Spring and Summer
    2007 Tata Institut (Fall)

    Selection of invited talks

    1984   Mexico City   Applications of the Lefschetz' fixed point theorem in (complex) algebraic geometry.
    1987 Scheveningen Fermi-curves and surfaces in solid state physics
    1989 Sundance (on the occasion of Griffiths' 50th birthday)  Curvature of period domains
    1990 Paris  Complex Fermi Curves (Séminaire Bourbaki)
    1990 Bayreuth Univ.  Maximal non-rigid variations of Hodge structure of weight one and two
    1990 McMaster Univ. Hamilton Topological aspects of the surface classification
    1992 UCLA and Caltech Arithmetic on a K3 surface related to coding theory
    1992 Salt Lake City, Irvine, Riverside, Göteborg  Homeomorphic non-diffeomorphic algebraic surfaces with small invariants
    1994 Orsay Géographie des surfaces admettant une structure de spin
    1994 Grenoble Théorie de Hodge et symétrie miroir (Etat de recherche)
    1995 Rennes Classification des surfaces algébriques  du point de vu de la théorie de Mori
    1995 Grenoble Bounds on automorphisms of surfaces of general type
    1996 Warwick Mirror symmetry, the Hodge theoretic part
    1997 Turin Symplectic methods in algebraic geometry
    2000 Salt Lake City Two filtrations on the Griffiths groups
    2000 Salt Lake City Cohomology of discriminant varieties
    2001 Lille Cohomologie du complément du discriminant
    2001 Essen Generalized Arakelov Inequalities
    2002 Tokyo Filtrations on the Griffiths group
    2002 Tokyo  and  Constanta Variations of Hodge structure and big monodromy
    2002 Nijmegen De stelling van Noether en Lefschetz
    2003 Grenoble Théorème de Lefschetz-Noether pour des variations
    2004 Grenoble Introduction à la symétrie miroir
    2005 Lille Motivic polynomials of mixed Hodge structures
    2005 Leiden Univ. Can one effectively decide solvability of systems of PDE?
    2006 Allahabad (Harish Chandra Institute)  Rigidity of families, past and present
    2006 Paris VII  Quelques aspects motiviques de la théorie de Hodge
    2006 Basel Univ. Motivic aspects of Hodge theory
    2007 Salt Lake City and  Nijmegen Univ.  Monodromy of a variation of Hodge structure and algebraic groups
    2007 Mumbai (Tata Institute)  Binary quadratic forms, and automorphisms of certain K3-surfaces
    2007 Mumbai (Tata Institute) Motivic aspects of (mixed) Hodge theory
    2008 Torino Univ.  Weights in cohomology
    2008 UCLA Lowest weights in cohomology: mixed Hodge modules at work
    2008 Dijon Univ.  Groupe dihédral infini, isométries des formes binaires et automorphismes des surfaces K3 avec nombre de Picard 2
    2009 Leeds Univ.  The infinite dihedral group as a group of symmetries in number theory and in algebraic geometry
    2009 Dijon Univ.  Bloch's conjecture for threefolds
    2009 Guanajuato Institute  Summer School Hodge theory and motives related to graph polynomials
    2010 Torino, Mainz, Leiden Univs.  Abelian varieties as invariants for Riemannian manifolds; constructions inspired by superstring theory
    2010 Hannover Univ. Special K3 double planes and Abelian 4-folds of Weil type
    2011 Eindhoven TUE, Univ. Erlangen  Abelian varieties as invariants for Riemannian manifolds; constructions inspired by superstring theory
    2011 Brest, Univ. de Bretagne Paris Univ. Paris 6 Variétés abéliennes canoniquement associées aux (certaines types de ) variétés différentiables
    2012 Dijon, Univ. de Bourgogne Deux domaines hermitiennes isomorphes et une interpretation modulaire
    2013 Oxford (Clay Math. Inst.) Applications of mixed Hodge modules to representation theory (after Burgos & Wildeshaus)
    2013 Toronto (Fields Institute) Two isomorphic classical domains and related geometric moduli spaces
    2014 Rennes Univ. Spring School Lectures on Torelli theorems
    2014 Galasataray Univ., Istanbul Lectures on the motivic aspects of Hodge theory: the Hodge characteristic
    2014 Woudschouten GQT Lecture Special curves in moduli spaces of curves, and Hodge theory
    2015 Dijon,  Univ. de Bourgogne, workshop Perverse Sheaves and Application, Lecture  The Baily-Borel boundary; group theory and Hodge theory on tori fibers
    2016 Montreal, Univ. de Montréal, workshop Algebraic cycles and moduli, Lecture From Belyi curves to embedded Mumford-Tate varieties: applying the spread philosophy to rigid data
    2017 Strasbourg, IRMA Univ. de Strasbourg Plan doubles sextiques en guise de surface K3 ayant une involution d'Enriques.
    2017 Eindhoven TUE  On the general “nodal” Enriques surface.
    2017 Hannover Univ. On the moduli space of  “nodal” Enriques surfaces.
    2017 Milaan Univ. On a motivic interpretation of primitive and variable cohomology
    2018 Amsterdam, UvA. The Hitchin fibration Intercity Seminarium Meetkunde. info
    2019 Leiden,  Univ. Leiden. Introduction to mixed Hodge theory, Intercity Seminarium Meetkunde.