Connexion kit for unlocked Numworks
Version francaise Python Install Rescue

Beware, don't upgrade from Numworks site!+ More info

If this page does not function normally, clear browser cache and retry

Detect the Numworks. Click it if the buttons below do not work. If your N0110 calculator screen is off, click on the Rescue button instead. If your N0110 is locked, follow instructions here then install Khi slot 1.

Python scripts

Install, upgrade on your N0110 calculator

Install or certification log Clear

Exam mode :

If you want to certify that a N0110 calculator firmware is a genuine version of Khi+KhiCAS, click on one of the two buttons. Certification
Certification + R/W test
he first test takes about 30 secondes, the second one is more secure but it takes about 1 minute and it writes data on the calc. These tests may be done by a proctor during an exam with a smartphone from this ce link using a smartphone-Numworks link.

Calculator blocked:

-Rescue : Click here if your N0110 is stuck.
Connect the calculator, press the 6 key, enter a pin in the RESET button on the back (keeping 6 pressed), release the 6 key. The screen should remain black, while the red led is visible.
-If you see http://... tries to connect, click on STM32 BOOTLOADER then click on Connect.
-If rescue does not work, try with Xcas PC.

🛈 If the calculator connection does not work:

In case of persistent connection problem, try with dfu-util as explained here in the Manual Installation section or with Xcas.

This kit works only with a webusb compatible browser, like Chromium, Chrome or Edge and from a web server. Firefox does not have support for webusb for security reasons. If you don't want to run a webusb compatible browser, you can connect your Numworks with Xcas (version Windows, Linux et Mac).
For experts who want to run this page locally, activate a local webserver, for example by running from a Terminal the following command
python3 -m http.server
from the directory where you have unzipped, then click on this link.

Thanks to Maxime Friess for his script Numworks.js (MIT licence). This page is also using tarballjs JSZip to read zip files and FileSaver.js to save files.
Thanks to Elio Poletti for the page style.