Giac ported to Google Native Client (GPL 3 license)

This is a prototype of web application using the Giac computer algebra system as a native client inside a compatible browser, like Google Chrome (in Chrome, you must enable Native Client once: enter chrome:flags in the URL bar, then search for Native Client, click Activate, then restart Chrome). If you want to develop your own web application with giac as native client, install the nacl sdk, then untar giacnacl.tgz in the pepper, toolchain subdirectory, and inspire yourself from
Examples of input (refer to Xcas documentation for more examples)
factor(x^4-1); cfactor(x^2+1); normal((x+1)^4); simplify(sin(3x)/sin(x)); gcd(x^4-1,x^3-1);
solve(x^2-3*x+2=0); csolve(x^2=2*i); solve([x+y=1,x-y=3],[x,y]);
f(x):=sin(x^2):; f(sqrt(pi)); f'(2); f'(y);
int(1/(x^4-1)); int(1/(x^4+1)^4,x,0,+infinity); limit(sin(x)/x,x=0); series(sin(x),x=0,5);
A:=[[1,2],[3,4]]; inv(A); det(A-x*idn(A)); A[0,0]; rref(A); eigenvalues(A); eigenvectors(A);
cyclic5 := [x*y*z+y*z*t+z*t*u+t*u*x+u*x*y, x*y*z*t+y*z*t*u+z*t*u*x+t*u*x*y+u*x*y*z, x*y*z*t*u-1, x+y+z+t+u, x*y+y*z+z*t+t*u+u*x]:; time(G:=gbasis(cyclic5,indets(cyclic5),revlex)); G;

Giac status: NO-STATUS