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Graph of a recurrent sequence : plotseq seqplot graphe_suite

Let f (x) be an expression depending of the variable x (resp. f (t) an expression depending of the variable t).
plotseq(f (x),a,n) (resp. plotseq(f (t),t=a,n)) draws the line y = x, the graph of y = f (x) (resp y = f (t)) and the n first terms of the recurrent sequence defined by : u0 = aun = f (un-1). The a value may be replaced by a list of 3 elements, [a, x-, x+] where x-..x+ will be passed as x range for the graph computation.
Input :
Output :
the graph of y=sqrt(1+x), of y=x and of the 5 first terms of the sequence u_0=3 and u_n=sqrt(1+u_(n-1))

giac documentation written by Renée De Graeve and Bernard Parisse