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Kernel of a linear application : Nullspace

Warning This function is useful in Maple mode only (hit the state line red button then Prog style, then choose Maple and Apply).
Nullspace is the inert form of nullspace.
Nullspace takes as argument an integer matrix of an linear application f with respect to the canonical basis.
Nullspace) followed by mod p returns a list of vectors that is a basis of the kernel of f computed in $ \mathbb {Z}$/p$ \mathbb {Z}$[X].
Input :
Output :
Input (in Maple mode):
Nullspace([[1,2],[3,1]]) mod 5
Output :
In Xcas mode, the equivalent input is :
nullspace([[1,2],[3,1]] % 5)
Output :
[2% 5,-1]

giac documentation written by Renée De Graeve and Bernard Parisse