Greg McShane

Bureau 328, Institut Fourier.

Directeur de GDR TRESSES


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I am a (low dimensional) topologist a subject which has it's origins in the work of the French mathematician Henri Poincaré. Currently I am doing a lot of topology and WebGL

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Teaching 2014–15

I am currently responsable for the M1 Master mention math.

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Sujets TER 2016 here

Formulaire a rendre avant le 16/12 dans mon casier au 1er etage here

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First semester

I teach M1 Algebra every Monday at 13:30

I am also teaching MAT101 at the DLST:

Last year I taught finding solutions by dichotomy.
Here is an interesting application in geometry.

Second semester

I will be teaching Algebra at ENS-Lyon
provided the SNCF gets me there

and math 406




IHP 2012 : La Maison des Maths
IHP 2012 : La Maison des Maths

More real math on blackboards


  1. Teichmueller space
  2. Modular group actions
  3. Applications to low dimensional topology

This is a quasi-Fuchsian manifold - it’s a basic kind of 3 manifold homeomorphic to the product of a surface and an interval together with a (non unique) choice of hyperbolic metric. Togther with Prof. S. Kojima of TITEC we are working on applying converegence results for quasi-Fuchsian manifolds and Teichmueller theory to get information about closed hyperbolic manifolds.

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From March 2014 I’ve also been working with the MSTIC FabLab making mathematical curiosities from wood. I’m mainly interested in constructing geometric objects in wood using kerf bending patterns. Wood prepared using a laser cutting machine can be bent and joined to like a 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

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In November 2014 I was invited to take part in a workshop for architectural students Architect 2.0 Grenoble to explain the techniques and possibilities.

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