Sino-French Conference on Arithmetic Geometry

June 24th — June 28th 2013 at Chern Institute of Mathematics (Tianjin, China)

Themes: p-adic representation, Algebraic geometry, Diophantine geometry, Automorphic forms, D-modules
This project is co-supported by CNRS, Chern Institute of Mathematics and 高等学校数学研究与高等人才培养中心
Organizers: Chen Huayi, Fu Lei

Practical information

Program of the conference

    Invited speakers

Caro Daniel, Université de Caen
  Theory of weights in p-adic cohomology abstract
Chen Miaofen, East China Normal University
  Connected components of moduli spaces of p-divisible groups abstract
Chen Zongbin, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  Cohomological purity of affine Springer fibers abstract
Dimitrov Mladen, Université de Lille 1
  Albanese quotients of Picard modular surfaces, and rational points abstract
Hu Yongquan, Université de Rennes 1
  The Breuil-Mézard conjecture for non-scalar split residual representations abstract
Liang Yongqi, Universiteé Paris Diderot — Paris 7
  Zero-cycles on varieties fibred over curves by Chatelet surfaces abstract
Liu Ruochuan, BICMR, Peking University
  On properness of the eigencurve abstract
Peyre Emmanuel, Université Joseph Fourier — Grenoble 1
  Slopes and zoom abstract
Schapira Pierre, Université Pierre et Marie Curie — Paris 6
  Subanalytic topologies and applications to filtered D-modules abstract
Teyssier Jean-Baptiste, École Polytechnique
  Abbes and Saito's construction for meromorphic connections abstract
Thuillier Amaury, Université Claude Bernard — Lyon 1
  Kato's Hasse principle, following Jannsen and Berkovich abstract
Tian Ye, Morningside Center of Mathematics
  Explicit Waldspurger's formula and some arithmetic application abstract
Tian Yichao, Morningside Center of Mathematics
  Goren-Oort Stratification of quaternionic Shimura varieties and applications abstract
Tong Jilong, Université de Bordeaux 1
  Some new constructions of Shafarevich's pairing abstract
Wang Shanwen, Università degli Studi di Padova
  Kato's Euler system, Eigencurve and p-adic L function of modular forms abstract
Wildeshaus Jörg, Université Paris 13
  Compactifications and purity abstract
Yang Gongrong, Peking University
  The Shintani's formula for general partial zeta function abstract
Yuan Xinyi, University of California Berkeley
  Hodge index theorem for adelic line bundles abstract
Yun Zhiwei, Stanford University
  Generalizations of Kloosterman sheaves abstract
Zhang Tong, University of Alberta
  Relative Noether inequality on fibered surfaces abstract
Zheng Weizhe, Morningside Center of Mathematics
  Parity of Betti numbers in intersection cohomology abstract