Resonances of a Transfer operator

This web page gives numerical illustrations (movies) related  to the paper [Fau09].

Remark: all the movies are "gif animated" and you can download them and see them with xanim (or similar), which gives a better control for the view and the speed.
Credits: numerical computations are done in C++, using the library GSL and ROOT from cern.

Spectrum of resonances

For $ \nu\in\mathbb{R}$, and $ \varphi\in C^{\infty}\left(S^{1}\right)$, let

$\displaystyle \left(\hat{F}_{\nu}\varphi\right)\left(x\right):=\varphi\left(2x\...
...\pi}\cos\left(2\pi x\right)\right),\qquad x\in S^{1}\equiv\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}$

To see the movie again, clik on "reload" on your web-browser.
(corresponds to figure 2 page 7  in [Fau09])

Movie resonances

Frederic Faure, UJF Grenoble