Spectral Geometry, Graphs, Semiclassical Analysis and Dynamics in Peyresq

sunday 4 june 2017 evening  -> saturday 10 june 2017 morning

organized by the ANR "Geometry,graphs, Semiclassical dynamics".


The place

A map that you can (de)zoom by using the +/- on the top left.

Informations on the association that welcome us  are  here  or (here in french). Some images of the village.

Beware the altitude is 1500 meters. Evenings are cold. The weather can be cold (or not). Take good clothes.

Scientific program

This meeting will be around the topics  "dynamical systems, geometry and spectral theory",

"semiclassical analysis and applications",
"quantum chaos",

statistical physics", "QFT" ...

 This is a working group:

  - participant presents a paper(s) (not from him) that she (he) finds interesting.

  - or we present some open problems the first day(s) of the conference, and we discuss, work on them together, the next days.

Large place for discussions among participants.
We encourage the presence and participation of students and young researchers.

Propositions of talks and/or open problems


Tentative schedule (we will see on place)

Monday 9h-12h Monday 17h-19h     
Tuesday 9h-12h Vincent Beffara & Frédéric Faure Tuesday 17h-19h

Thursday 9h-12h.  Loren Coquille Thursday 17h30-19h
Friday 9h-12h Friday 17h30-19h

Transport information

Arrival:  in Peyresq will be sunday 4 june 2017  in the afternoon or the evening.

For people coming from Nice:

Since the train station is 30mn from Peyresq by car, it is better if you can arrive simultaneously on Sunday 4th june:
I propose to take the train in Nice a 17h15   -> Meailles  19h20

(or the one before: Nice  13h05 -> Meailles 15h01 but i am not sure to be able to be there)

For people coming from grenoble:

        We will have a minibus with 9 places starting from Grenoble.  So you can join us in Grenoble.
        We will start around 13h from grenoble, train station, side of "palais de justice", so that we can wait the train  Paris 9h45 -> Grenoble  12h46. If the weather is good, we will buy a picnic in grenoble and  take the lunch on the road.

                Yves Colin de Verdieres has 2 places in his "car 1" (Voreppe near Grenoble <-> Peyresq).
                Vincent/Loren have 2 places in their "car 2" (Grenoble -> Peyresq only).

                Francoise has 2/3 places in her "car 3" (Grenoble <-> Peyresq (back on friday evening).

Departure:  saturday 10 june 2017


List of  participants (?:to be confirmed): *: réponse attendue, ou qquchose à faire.
Arrival Departure Financial support for travel
Francoise Truc S voiture perso 2 voiture perso 2 Grenoble
Yves Colin de Verdière & Marie Joe C1 voiture perso 1 voiture perso 1 grenoble
Jean Lagacé (student with Yves CdV) E Nice<-> Peyresq. Depuis l'arret Peyresq à 17h
 10/6 train des pignes
grenoble (*à valider)
Nikhil Savale (post doc with YCdV) E Meailles 19h20 le 4/6
train des pignes Paris 6 (E. Trelat)
Loren Coquille C2 voiture 1
voiture 2 grenoble
Vincent Beffara C2 voiture 1 voiture 2 grenoble
Nicolas Masson (student with Vincent Beffara) E Minibus Minibus grenoble(validé)
Maxime Ingremeau E Minibus Minibus
grenoble (validé)
Martin Vogel (Orsay) E Minibus Minibus
grenoble (validé)
Laurent Charles S Minibus Minibus
Frédéric Faure S Minibus Minibus grenoble (validé)
Emmanuel Schenck S Voiture perso 3
Voiture perso 3
grenoble (validé)
Luc Gossart (Student with F.Faure) E Minibus Minibus
Paul Marconnet (student with F.Faure) E Minibus Minibus grenoble (validé)
Nalini Anantharaman S 5/6 Train des pignes, Meaille, 15h01
Train des pignes.
grenoble (* à valider)
Guillaume Klein (student with Nalini A.) E Minibus
grenoble (validé)
Alix Deleporte (student with Nalini A.) E train des pignes Meailles 19h20 le 4/6 train des pignes le 10/6 grenoble (* à valider)
Hugo Federico (student with S. Nonnenmacher) E à pied depuis l'arret Peyresq à 17h  10/6 train des pignes Grenoble (*à valider)
Dmitry Jakobson S 6/6 arrive by car 4
leave by car 4,  10 june
ANR Gerasic Montreal
Jeff Galkowski (with D. Jakobson)
S Train des pignes Meailles 19h20 le 4/6 Train des pignes le jeudi soir
ANR Gerasic Montreal
Fabricio Macia S train des pignes Meailles 19h20 le 4/6 train des pignes Meailles 12:09 le 9/6 Madrid.
Benoit Douçot S Minibus Minibus Grenoble (validé)
Charles Hadfield (student of C. Guillarmou) E Train des pignes Meailles 19h20 le 4/6 Train des pignes Grenoble (validé)

Other activities