Workshop «analytic study of flows» in Peyresq

Sunday 3 june 2018 evening -> saturday 9 june 2018 morning
organized by Colin Guillarmou & his image: 10_home_faure_public_html_2018_ERC_Colin_logo_erc.jpeg
image: 11_home_faure_public_html_2018_ERC_Colin_peyresq.JPG image: 12_home_faure_public_html_ANR_Colin_Peyresq_2011_peyresq_clocher800.jpg

Table of Contents

The place


Scientific program

Subject: on the analytic study of flows (hyperbolic flows, geodesic flows etc) and related questions, and also geometric inverse problems such as boundary rigidity, length spectrum questions. This is a working group:

2.1 Propositions of talks and/or open problems


2.2 Tentative schedule (we will see on place)


Transport information

3.1 Arrival: in Peyresq will be sunday 3 june 2018 in the afternoon or the evening.


3.2 Departure: saturday 9 june 2018




Other activities