Recent preprints and work in progress

Jean-Pierre Demailly

(last update: March 13, 2017)

[87] Lars Hörmander and the theory of L² estimates for the d-bar operator, manuscript Institut Fourier, December 2013, [hormander_l2_estimates.pdf]

[88] On the cohomology of pseudoeffective line bundles, written exposition of a talk given at the Abel Symposium, Trondheim, July 2013; manuscript Institut Fourier, January 9, 2014 [psef_cohom_plain_v2.pdf]

[89] Structure theorems for compact Kähler manifolds with nef anticanonical bundles, written exposition of a talk given at the KSCV10 conference, Gyeong-Ju, Korea, manuscript Institut Fourier, November 24, 2014, [kscv10.pdf]

[90] Towards the Green-Griffiths-Lang conjecture, manuscript Institut Fourier, December 2, 2014, [hal-01092537] [towards_ggl.pdf]

[91] (in collaboration with Hervé Gaussier) Algebraic embeddings of smooth almost complex structures, manuscript Institut Fourier, December 9, 2014, [hal-01092620] [alg_embedding.pdf]
The above manuscript refers to an unpublished work of F.Bogomolov "Complex manifolds and algebraic foliations" originally published in the preprint series of RIMS, Kyoto. It seems very hard to find; here is a copy: [bogomolov_RIMS1084.pdf]

[92] Proof of the Kobayashi conjecture on the hyperbolicity of very general hypersurfaces, manuscript Institut Fourier, February 13, 2015, [hal-01109166] [kobayashi_conj.pdf]

[93] Extension of holomorphic functions defined on non reduced analytic subvarieties, manuscript Institut Fourier, October 18, 2015, arXiv : 1510.05230 and [hal-01216962] [holom_extension.pdf]

[94] Recent progress towards the Kobayashi and Green-Griffiths-Lang conjectures, manuscript Institut Fourier, November 6, 2015, expanded version of talks given at the 16th Takagi Lectures in tokyo, November 29, 2015, [takagi16_jpd.pdf]

[95] Variational approach for complex Monge-Ampère equations and geometric applications (after Berman, Berndtsson, Boucksom, Eyssidieux, Guedj, Jonsson, Zeriahi, ...), Séminaire Bourbaki, March 19, 2016, exposé no. 1112, [bourbaki_1112.pdf]

[96] Precise error estimate of the Brent-McMillan algorithm for the computation of Euler's constant, [hal-01377144v2] [gamma_brent_mcmillan.pdf]

[97] (in collaboration with Junyan Cao and Shin-ichi Matsumura) A general extension theorem for cohomology classes on non reduced analytic spaces, [hal-01480220] [cohom_class_extension.pdf]

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