Thierry Bouche’s TeX Home Page

When my main occupation leaves me some time, I used to support our secretaries that typeset everything we write with (plain)TeX. This led me to install & maintain TeX on our unix platforms. Initially from scratch (web2c) but more recently from teTeX. This still needs some customizing, and recompiling. I also had to adapt plain TeX to T1 fonts in order to hyphenate french properly (from macros by D. Taupin & Y. Haralambous). I have investigated rather deeply the problem of the diversity of fonts in (La)TeX, this led to some publications available on the LaTeX Navigator. They range from To
I also wrote a commissioned paper that appeared in Cahiers GUTenberg, available here. It has been translated by Christina Thiele and republished in TUGboat, and later MAPS. After that, I wrote other papers, and was elected on the GUTenberg board since 1997. I was chair of GUT’99. I have been the editor of the Cahiers GUTenberg 2006-2016.

I also maintain a list of my publications related to TeX.

June 17, 1996 (quick edits December 20, 2006),
Thierry Bouche