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Salem Samir

Propagation of chaos for interacting jump processes with singular interaction
Lundi, 4 Mai, 2020 - 13:30
Résumé : 

In this talk, I will discuss a method to derive macroscopic models from interacting particles systems with jumping trajectories and singular interaction. This method is based on a compactness argument and a control on an "information" quantity. It enables to reach singularities which were not covered by the already existing literature,
but provides only a qualitative convergence result from the particle system towards the macroscopic limit. The models we deal with are the
fractional Keller-Segel model, which arises in the description of the chemotaxis of bacteria, and the Boltzmann equation with soft potentials.

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Université de Toulouse
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Physique mathématique
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1, tour IRMA
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