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Rodolfo Aguilar Aguilar

Bridging the gap between homology planes and Mazur manifolds.
Lundi, 24 Octobre, 2022 - 14:00
Résumé : 

A homology plane is an algebraic complex smooth surface with the same integral homology groups as the complex plane. A Mazur type manifold is a compact contractible smooth (real) 4-manifold built only with 0-,1- and 2- handles. We call a homology 3-sphere a Kirby-Ramanujam sphere if it bounds both a homology plane and a Mazur type manifold. In this talk, we present several infinite families of Kirby-Ramanujam spheres and some related topics if time permits. Such an interplay between complex surfaces and 4-manifolds was first observed by C. P. Ramanujam and R. Kirby. This is joint work with Oğuz Şavk.

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Académie des sciences de Bulgarie (Sofia) et Mathematical Institue for the Americas (Miami)
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Algèbre et géométries
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