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Pedro Montero

Equivariant compactifications of the additive group into smooth Fano threefolds
Lundi, 15 Janvier, 2018 - 14:00
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This is a joint work with Zhizhong Huang (Institut Fourier).
Hasset and Tschinkel initiated the study of varieties which are
equivariant compactifications of the additive group. These varieties
have good arithmetic properties such as Batyrev-Manin's principle
(concerning the distribution of rational points on Fano varieties
defined over number fields). In this talk, we will discuss how the
works of Hasset and Tschinkel, Kishimoto, and Arzhantsev et al. fit
all together with the classification of Mori and Mukai, allowing us to
give the complete list of smooth "additive Fano threefolds".

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