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An introduction to WKB analysis III

Mercredi, 10 Novembre, 2010 - 11:00
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In 1990's Aoki-Kawai-Takei investigated the traditional Painlev$'e$
equations $(P_{J})$ from a veiw point of the exact WKB analysis and
they succeeded in giving the concrete description of the Stokes phenomenon
and the connection formula for $(P_{J})$ $(J = I, II, ¥dots, VI)$.
Since this success, the research to analyze the higher order Painlev$'e$
equations has been progressed. In this talk, we first recall the theory
of the exact WKB analysis for Painlev$'e$ equations with a large parameter
and we discuss the instanton-type solutions which are expected to be
suitable formal solutions for the description of the connection problems.
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GT Analyse WKB et D-modules
Institut Fourier/Hokkaido University,
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