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Edwin Beggs

Applications of noncommutative and complex geometry
Lundi, 11 Septembre, 2017 - 11:30
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I will talk about noncommutative differential geometry from the point of view of forms, vector fields and connections. The philosophy is that most of the methods of classical differential geometry should extend to noncommutative geometry. Noncommutative models of calculus provide a novel way to treat conserved quantities in numerical analysis, but also raise interesting topological questions. However, it turns out that for studying many examples of relevance for Physics we are also forced into nonassociative geometry. I will talk about the importance of measurement in theories of quantum gravity.  I will also talk about the application of complex analysis to the inverse scattering method in integrable systems in 1+1
dimensions, and the possibility (no more than that at the moment) of extending this to solitons in higher dimensions.

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