This is a demo interface to a full web-based CAS engine. This CAS does not need any server, all the computations are done locally with the javascript engine of your browser (requires Firefox version 19 or later, or Safari, the latest version of Firefox is recommended for good performances). The code of the CAS is 12M, it is downloaded once (giac.js javascript compiled from native Giac/Xcas by emscripten). The javascript code is at least 2 times slower than the native code, and sometimes much much slower (e.g. more than 15 times slower for computing a Groebner basis like cyclic7). Most of the time it is however fast enough (that would justify a better interface...), but it is recommended to run large computations with Xcas!
Giac/Xcas, (c) B. Parisse, R. De Graeve, Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble I., licensed under the GPL3, for commercial licenses contact us. Program editor CodeMirror, Initial Mathml and SVG code by J.P. Branchard.

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