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12.4.7  Find the barycenter of a set of points in space: barycenter

See section 11.6.9 for barycenters of objects in the plane.

The barycenter command returns and draws the barycenter of a set of weighted points. If the sum of the weights is zero, then this command returns an error.

The points and their weights (real numbers) can be given in two different ways.

  1. A sequence of lists of length two.
    The first element of each list is a point and the second element is the weight of the point.
  2. A matrix with two columns.
    The first column of the matrix contains the points and the second column contains the corresponding weights.


BC := barycenter([point(1,4,0),1],[point(1,-2,0),1])


BC := barycenter([[point(1,4,0),1],[point(1,-2,0),1]])





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