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3.5.5  Tangent to a 2D graph : tangent

See also : ?? for plane geometry and ?? for 3D geometry.
tangent takes two arguments : an geometric object and a point A.
tangent draws tangent(s) to this geometric object crossing through A. If the geometric object is the graph G of a 2D function, the second argument is either, a real number x0, or a point A on G. In that case tangent draws a tangent to this graph G crossing through the point A or through the point of abscissa x0.
For example, define the function g


then the graph G={(x,y)2, y=g(x)} of g and a point A on the graph G:


If we want to draw the tangent at the point A to the graph G, we will input:

T:=tangent(G, A)

or :

T:=tangent(G, 1.2)

For the equation of the tangent line, input :


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