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2.31.17Row reduction to echelon form in ℤ/pℤ : rref

rref find the row reduction to echelon form of a matrix with coefficients in ℤ/pℤ.

This may be used to solve a linear system of equations with coefficients in ℤ/pℤ, by rewriting it in matrix form (see also 2.52.3) :


rref takes as argument the augmented matrix of the system (the matrix obtained by augmenting matrix A to the right with the column vector B).
rref returns a matrix [A1,B1] : A1 has 1 on it’s principal diagonal, and zeros outside, and the solutions in ℤ/pℤ, of :


are the same as the solutions of:


Example, solve in ℤ/13ℤ


Input :

rref([[1, 2, 9]%13,[3,10,0]%13])

Or :

rref([[1, 2, 9],[3,10,0]])%13

Output :


hence x=3%13 and y=3%13.

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