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3.5.10  The configuration file: widget_size cas_setup xcas_mode xyztrange

When you save changes to your configuration, this is stored in a configuration file, which will be .xcasrc in your home directory in Unix and xcas.rc in Windows. This file will have four functions – widget_size, cas_setup, xcas_mode and xyztrange – which determine the configuration and which are evaluated when Xcas starts.

The widget_size function has between 1 and 12 arguments. The arguments (in order) are:

The cas_setup function has nine arguments. The arguments (in order) are:

The xcas_mode function has one argument; a 0 to work in Xcas mode, a 1 to work in Maple mode, a 2 to work in MuPAD mode, and a 3 to work in TI89 mode.

The xyztrange function inserts or removes the axes of a geometric screen; it has 15 parameters, which are the parameters which can be set with the graphics configuration screen (see section 3.5.8).

xyztrange (-5.5, -5.2, -10.10, -1.6, -5.5, -1.2384,2,1,0,1)

(or enter the information in the configuration screen) will result in a visible graphics window of [-5,5] by [-1.2384,2]. Note that the visible window is not the same as the calculation window; if the calculation window is larger than the visible window, then you can scroll to bring other parts of the calculation window into view.

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