JB Meilhan / CV     

  Since Sept. 2008, I'm a Maître de Conférences at the
  Institut Fourier
Univ. Grenoble Alpes

  Before that, I travelled a little
   2007-08 - Postdoc at CTQM, Århus Univ.
   2006-07 - V.A.P. at UC Riverside
   2004-06 - Postdoc at RIMS , Kyoto Univ.

   2000-04 - PhD - 
Univ. Nantes (Advisor: N. Habegger)

   I was the coordinator of the ANR project VasKho
  & I am a member of the GdR Tresses

   I  defended my habilitation in December 2015

   There should be a more detailed CV here soon...

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