Quantum Walks

13-14 November 2012

in Grenoble


Quantum walks have become a common popular topic of research in different fields over the last few years. The quantum computing community is interested in quantum walks due to the role they play in certain algorithms. Quantum walks endowed with the probabilistic interpretation of quantum mechanics represent an extension of classical random walks to the quantum realm. Also, quantum physicists resort to quantum walks to model the dynamics of certain deterministic or random quantum systems, within certain regimes.

The goal of “Quantum Walks in Grenoble” is to promote contact between different communities which share a common interest for quantum walks and often have otherwise little overlap. This meeting is designed to be an opportunity to learn more about the different motivations behind this common interest for quantum walks and about quantum walks viewed as tools in quantum computing, as models of physical quantum dynamical systems or as probabilistic objects.

 ANR “Ham Mark” http://bruneau.u-cergy.fr/ANR/ANR.html
Pôle MSTIC UJFhttp://www.ujf-grenoble.fr/universite/organisation-de-la-recherche/pole-de-recherche-mstic/pole-de-recherche-mathematiques-sciences-et-technologies-de-l-information-et-de-la-communication-213232.htm
GDR Dynquahttp://ipht.cea.fr/Pisp/stephane.nonnenmacher/GDR/Accueil-GDR.html


A. Joye,http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~joye/

G. Rahal