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“Scholars might not like to depend on systems that owe their existence to the demand for X-rated movies, but they will use them when they become available.”

Andrew M. Odlyzko

I have been into e-publishing since quite some time now. It was first related with literature, typography, TeX, pdfTeX, and so on. Since year 2000, I am spending a nonzero amount of my time to questions (and answers!) related to e-publishing in mathematics, especially considering journals. Mostly in relation with Cellule MathDoc projects. I met MathDoc long ago, when they first tried to use pdftex in relation with some mathematical database output. I was approached again (fall 1999?) when the project NUMDAM got funded, I wrote the documents for the call to tender that ended up with our first 6 serials online 3 years later. On December 20, 2002, I moved the splash page that kept secret our first posting of two journals (AIF and JEDP). Since that time, we’ve been enhancing a lot the whole service. Since that time, 27700 articles, 590000 pages scanned, 1400 articles, 40000 pages acquired from publisher's digital original source, 305000 bibliographical references tagged, around 495000 links to reference databases, 66000 direct links from the bibliographies to cited full texts on the web (40 % on NUMDAM, the rest thanks to mini-DML, out of all our bibliographical references, about 22 % have a link to the digital full text). And more yet to come…

I am responsible or advisor for these MathDoc projects:

The best synthesis available so far about these topics is in my written chapter for the Aveiro book, still a work-in-progress.

I have been associated to the first DML project granted by the NSF to the Cornell University Library. I cochaired the standards committee with Ulf Rehman. Then I have been appointed to the so-called WDML Steering Committee, which never started to work. I am a member of the European mathematical society’s committee on electronic publishing, chaired by Pavel Exner.

I maintain a list of my publications related to e-publishing in mathematics.

December 20, 2006,
Thierry Bouche