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Sana Louhichi

Dynamical coupling between Ising and FK percolation
Mardi, 21 Mars, 2023 - 14:30 à 15:30
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We investigate the problem of constructing a dynamics on edge--spin configurations which realizes a coupling between a Glauber dynamics of the Ising model and a
dynamical evolution of the percolation configurations. We dreamed of constructing a Markov process on edge--spin configurations which is reversible with
respect to the Ising--FK coupling measure, and such that the marginal on the spins is a Glauber dynamics, while the marginal on the edges is a Markovian evolution.
We present two local dynamics, one which fulfills only the first condition and one which fulfills the first two conditions.
We show next that our dream process is not feasible in general.
We present also a third dynamics, which is non local and fulfills the first and the third conditions.

This is a common work with R. Cerf.

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